James Bond

Commander Bond's Military Service Record

James Bond

Commander James Bond CMG, RNVR has been serving Queen and country for over 74 years.

Back in 1941 Bond joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve as a lieutenant. By the time the Second World War had ended, he'd risen through the ranks to become a commander.

It's a rank he's managed to keep throughout his chequered career, largely due to reporting to and working directly under M, who had been an active admiral.

Much of Commander Bond's career and his ability to retain an ever-youthful vigour remains a mystery, however.

James Bond Aston Martin
One of Commander Bond's many Aston Martins. Picture: Alfvan Beem

Working for the Intelligence Services he's been spotted wearing both the wavy rank-striped uniform of the Royal Navy Reserve and the straight gold cuff stripes and epaulettes of the regular Royal Navy.

Between 1994 and 2005 he was spotted on film wearing what looked to be parachute wings - possibly of the Special Boat Service.

Certainly, since 2005 it's been strongly suggested he did indeed serve for a time in the secretive SBS.

The drinking, smoking, drug-taking, womanising Bond's exact age remains classified although he's well into his nineties.

The Commander, however, shows no sign of slowing down or retiring on to what by now must be a very handsome pension.

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