Anonymous British soldier

Christmas More 'Enjoyable' At Work For Personnel, Says Survey

Seventy-one per cent said the festive period could be "simpler" and more "enjoyable" if they stayed at work.

Anonymous British soldier

New research has suggested that Christmas would be "simpler" and more "enjoyable" for more military personnel if they stayed at work.

The study by forces charity SSAFA asked more than 2,000 British civilians, with 101 members of serving personnel and 369 veterans surveyed. 

It was found that spending Christmas with their families means a lot to 77% of the military.

However, 71% said the festive period could be "simpler" and more "enjoyable" if they stayed at work.

Three in four (74%) serving personnel said they find Christmas a difficult time of year while 72% say it is difficult to "switch off" this time of year.

The research suggests that it can be much harder than expected for servicemen and women to slot back into civilian life – with 78% admitting Christmas time can bring carefully suppressed emotions to the surface.

A further 31% of Armed Forces personnel say Christmas time sees them worry about finances and 23% feel guilty about being away from work.

However, compared to those surveyed who have never served in the military, just four per cent said they strongly agreed that Christmas might be simpler or more enjoyable if spent with current or former work colleagues.

Just over 13% said they somewhat agree.