Damaged Chinook Flies From Welsh Field After Forced Landing

The Royal Air Force helicopter made the emergency landing in an empty field after hitting power lines last week.

A damaged Chinook helicopter has flown away from a field in Wales after being forced to land there last week.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) aircraft made the unplanned landing in an empty field near the village of Llangynin, Carmarthenshire, after an incident during a training sortie.

It had struck power lines, causing a brief power cut in the local area.

The Chinook, from RAF Odiham in Hampshire, sustained what was described as "minor damage", which included a smashed window, while one crew member received "minor injuries due to some broken glass".

An investigation into the incident, thought to have happened during a flight to Devon, was announced last week.

The incident gained quite a lot of attention in the quiet village with a number of residents travelling to the scene to check that the crew members were safe.

Chinook helicopters are mainly used for troop-carrying, casualty evacuations and resupplying, with the ability to carry 10 tonnes of cargo.

There was damage to the Chinook's cockpit windows (Picture: Ben Turner).