Chief Of The Air Staff 'Proud' Of RAF's Centenary Year Achievements

The Chief of the Air Staff has praised personnel for their achievements over the last year in marking RAF100 in the UK and for their commitment in operations across the World.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, said he was "proud" of what the RAF had achieved this year and thanked them for their continued "professional" conduct.

In an exclusive Christmas message, he told Forces News:

"It's a message of thank you for the commitment and their professionalism and skill that they continue to demonstrate on a day-to-day basis."

He went on to say "good luck" to all of those still serving.

"Just an overall message, as part of everything that the RAF has achieved this year, just thank you and well done.

"I'm so proud of what everybody has achieved and continues to achieve on a day to day basis."

RAF 100 flypas
Hundreds of aircraft flew over Buckingham palace during the RAF 100 flypast.

The RAF has been celebrating its centenary in 2018, with a series of events, including a flypast in London.

It took place over Buckingham Palace and saw aircraft from both world wars perform a range of air displays, including more modern aircraft.

There was also a chance for the Red Arrows to dawn their patriarchal colours.

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