One of the so-called 'Chennai Six' says he is looking forward to seeing his mother when he is finally allowed to leave India after four years in jail.

Nick Dunn is one of six former British soldiers who were among 35 crew members sentenced by an Indian court to five years in prison for carrying unlicensed firearms.

They won an appeal against their convictions last month, however.

Speaking to Forces Network, Nick Dunn described the joy he felt.

"Freedom feels absolutely amazing."


Nick Dunn, Billy Irving, Ray Tindall, Paul Towers, John Armstrong and Nicholas Simpson were working for AdvanFord, an American anti-piracy security company protecting commercial ships off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, when their vessel, the MV Seaman Guard Ohio was detained and weapons found on board. 

The company insists that the ship was in international waters, and was carrying weapons for security purposes.

Members of Chennai Six

In a statement, the men said they are all in good health and eager to return to their families and friends. 

Nick Dunn's sister, Lisa, has been part of the campaign to get him and the others released.

She said she's confident that her brother will be home soon.


The men have thanked their legal teams, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and The Mission to Seafarers for helping them gain their release.

Nick Dunn also said he intends to recuperate with family, friends and thank those who supported him.