Carrier Strike Group leaves India with traditional cheer ship farewell

As part of HMS Queen Elizabeth's return journey, CSG21 units and the Indian Navy operated together on exercise Konkan Shakti 21.

The UK Carrier Strike Group (CSG21) has bid farewell to India after completing the joint phase of Konkan Shakti 21 exercise.

A traditional cheer ship for the Indian Navy was performed by the Carrier Strike Group, with the week-long joint phase of the Konkan Shakti 21 exercise drawing to a close on 27 October.

The warship formation – spearheaded by Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth – is homeward bound, past the halfway mark on its 28-week maiden CSG21 deployment.

After the week of engagement and exercising with the Indian Armed Forces, the Carrier Strike Group saw no "better way to say goodbye" than with a traditional cheer ship.

In a tweet on HMS Queen Elizabeth's official account, she thanked India and said "we will be back soon".

CSG21 arrived in India for the second round of engagements after passing the halfway point of its journey last week.

The UK and India have been working with countries in the region to defend their shared democratic values and tackle emerging threats – including cyber and maritime security.

Commodore Steve Moorhouse, Commander UK Carrier Strike Group, recently spoke of his admiration for the partnership between the UK and India, saying the countries "benefit from a unique living bridge of people, ideas, institutions, arts and culture".

"We are proud to play our part in continuing to grow and deepen the UK-India relationship. #strongertogether," he tweeted.

Once the latest stint with India comes to a close, the Carrier Strike mission will take HMS Queen Elizabeth and her warship entourage to the Gulf.

Cdre Moorhouse posted footage of the Carrier Strike Group in its final days of the Konkan Shakti 21 exercise.