Isabell Hutchinson with Anthony Cotton at the Millies 2018

'Care, Compassion And Swift Action': Life-Saving Reservist Praised

Corporal Isabell Hutchinson helped to save a young woman's life.

Isabell Hutchinson with Anthony Cotton at the Millies 2018

On a summer's day this year, British Army reservist Corporal Isabell Hutchinson saved a young woman's life.

On Saturday 3 June, she was leaving a multi-storey car park in Poole when she noticed a teenage woman sat on the edge of the top floor roof alone.

Cpl Hutchinson's actions that day have led to her winning the Millies 2018's 'Best Reservist' award.

The reservist says feared the young woman at the car park was going to take her own life.

“I walked over to her and that’s when I obviously realised how serious the situation was and that she was obviously not in a good place at all and didn’t, didn’t want to be here anymore," she said.

"So I just started talking to her."


Cpl Hutchinson described how she calmly talked to the teenager and kept away bystanders.

“The crowd then grew which was making me a bit more nervous because you had people that were coming in saying what would your family think, and how would they feel, which, in that situation, you don’t ask them questions because she could be there because of that reason, so I managed to just say to them, look, let me do the talking,” she added.

The police arrived and joined Cpl Hutchinson - together they managed to bring the teenager to safety.

Isabell Hutchinson with Anthony Cotton at the Millies 2018

“The police did brilliantly, they came and they were dressed so you couldn't really see they were police.

"They were just all in black, at that point she said ‘don’t leave me, don’t leave me just yet,’ so I stayed with her for a bit longer, talked to the police, obviously explained, then they managed to get her in the car then off she went, then off I went," she said.

Cpl Hutchinson said she felt her military experience helped and she was glad she was able to help. She said she hopes the young woman has now received the help she needed and hopes she is living a happy life.

Afterwards, Cpl Hutchinson received praise from the police and was thanked for her "care, compassion and swift action" in responding to the teenager in need of help.

The police said her actions saved the young woman’s life.

Cpl Hutchinson, after she was presented with her award, said her military training played a "massive part in being able to control the situation."