Captain Tom Moore completing 100th lap of his garden cover

Captain Tom Wins Pride Of Britain Award

The 99-year-old World War Two veteran said he was "completely taken aback" after receiving the award on live TV.

Captain Tom Moore completing 100th lap of his garden cover

Captain Tom Moore said he was “very humbled” when he was surprised with a Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Award on live television.

The award comes after he raised more than £28 million for the NHS.

He appeared live on Good Morning Britain from his home and said he could not “be more proud” to receive the award.

Carol Vorderman, who hosts the Pride of Britain Awards show, said the 99-year old had received almost 70,000 nominations.

She will be handing the trophy over to him later in the year when the ceremony takes place.

Captain Tom said he was “completely taken aback” with the award.

“That is absolutely amazing. It’s very difficult for me to believe things like this,” he said.

“I thank you very much because I am very, very humbled at receiving this magnificent award. Thank you all very, very much.”

Sir David Jason, Michael Sheen, Joanna Lumley and Rita Ora were among the stars to send messages to Captain Tom as he received the award.

Captain Tom Moore with balloons outside his Bedfordshire home
Captain Tom has raised over £28 million for the NHS, after setting an initial target of £1,000 (Credit: PA).

Sir David Jason said: “In the 1940s, you and your mates stepped up to the plate to help the country out and here you are again, you are a hero. And I salute you.”

Captain Tom turns 100 in a week’s time, although he admitted he has “not really thought” about how he plans on celebrating it.

Having been asked if he is working too hard, he told Good Morning Britain he is “enjoying every minute of it”.

“I always have a lot of energy, I’m perfectly all right, thank you very much,” he added.

Captain Tom has also recorded a charity single with Michael Ball which could go to number one in the charts this week.

The Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall have written to him to show their support and a spokesman for the Prime Minister has said Boris Johnson will "certainly be looking at ways to recognise Tom's heroic efforts."

Cover image: PA.