Captain Tom Moore completing 100th lap of his garden in Bedfordshire in April 2020 (Picture: PA)

Captain Sir Tom Moore: Tributes Made To Veteran Fundraiser

Captain Tom Moore completing 100th lap of his garden in Bedfordshire in April 2020 (Picture: PA)

Tributes have been paid to the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore, after the British Army veteran's death at the age of 100.

Captain Sir Tom rose to fame in 2020 while raising more than £32m for the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic.

In recent days, the Second World War veteran had been admitted to hospital, where he was being treated for pneumonia and had tested positive for the virus.

Many, including Her Majesty the Queen, have been offering condolences and paying tribute to the man affectionately known as 'Captain Tom'.

The Royal Family wrote on Twitter: "The Queen is sending a private message of condolence to the family of Captain Sir Tom Moore. Her Majesty very much enjoyed meeting Captain Sir Tom and his family at Windsor last year. Her thoughts and those of the Royal Family are with them."

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Captain Sir Tom had become a "beacon of hope for the world".

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said Sir Tom "put others first at a time of national crisis" and "Britain has lost a hero".

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: "In national emergencies ordinary people do extraordinary things and inspire us all to pull together to overcome adversity.

"Few will have heard of Capt Sir Tom before this crisis but his contribution and example now live on in us all."

Wembley Stadium's arch has been lit in red and white to honour Captain Sir Tom's memory.

A banner with his name and date of birth and death was also lit up above the main doors between photos of the veteran.

David Beckham has hailed the fundraiser as the “very best of British”. 

The former footballer shared the message alongside a video of his encounter with Sir Tom last year.

Beckham met Sir Tom when he presented him with a framed football shirt after he became the first member of the Lionhearts squad of inspirational heroes.

He described him as a “true hero” on Instagram, adding: “What he achieved for our NHS will never be forgotten.

“Tom, you were truly the very best of British.

“When our country and our world was struggling you gave us hope, put a smile on our faces and made us believe that tomorrow would be a good day. Rest in Peace Sir Tom.”

A tweet from the official White House account read: “We join the United Kingdom and the world in honoring the memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore, who inspired millions through his life and his actions.”

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