Anonymous sailors onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth during naming ceremony 040714 CREDIT MOD

Capita Wins £1bn Contract To Provide Navy Training Services

The firm is aiming to modernise the Royal Navy’s shore-based training across 16 sites in the UK.

Anonymous sailors onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth during naming ceremony 040714 CREDIT MOD

Capita plc has been awarded a contract worth an estimated £1bn to provide training services to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

The company said it aims to modernise the Navy's approach to shore-based training across 16 sites in the UK as the lead partner in a consortium.

The contract is over a 12-year period, with opportunities to provide additional services when required.

In November, the Navy said interest in joining the service had increased during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rear Admiral Phil Hally, the Royal Navy’s Director of People and Training, said: "The award of this 12-year contract to Capita marks a major milestone for Navy transformation.

"This contract will transform the way we train our people, unlocking more opportunities for them to fulfil their potential and get better trained people to the frontline, quicker."

Promising a range of improvements and technology-enabled defence projects, Capita will be partnering with Raytheon UK, Elbit Systems UK, and Fujitsu, as well as some smaller suppliers.

Capita has also committed to incorporating more technology in training opportunities, in addition to providing all necessary training equipment and identifying new revenue opportunities.

It says the modernised training service will be designed to provide the Royal Navy with better qualified and more motivated and experienced personnel, aligning with the Navy's wider transformation agenda.

Jon Lewis, Capita’s chief executive officer, said the company was "delighted" to be awarded the contract to work alongside the Navy. 

"The award is a measure of the confidence and trust the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defence have in Capita’s expertise in the transformation and digitally-enabled delivery of critical defence services," he said.

"It also reflects the strong relationship Capita has with the Government as a strategic supplier."

Capita has been working with the British Army in its recruitment process since signing a contract in 2012.

The company has faced some criticism after Army recruitment numbers fell short, with a senior military admitting the Army and its contractor Capita had "made some bad mistakes and some errors" in recruiting new soldiers.

However, in July, the Army recorded its most successful recruitment year since 2014/15.

Capita this month confirmed it has been awarded a contract extension to continue its recruitment service for the Army.

The two-year extension is worth £140m and will start in March 2022, when the current 10-year contract was due to end.

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