Can PTSD Be Treated With Sleep?

New figures released by Help for Heroes have revealed that Veterans suffer far more from sleep problems than the population as a whole.

The report showed that one in four veterans sleeps for under five hours a night, with almost three in five veterans under 55 have sleeping badly- and this poor quality sleep has been linked to PTSD. 

Now, specialist help is being given to military veterans struggling to sleep.

“It’s a really great way of getting veterans to understand how their environment affects the way they think and feel and behave.

“It’s really good to learn how to switch on the relaxation part of the brain, so they can overcome those triggers and anxieties”  

A sensory room has been developed, which helps veterans to develop strategies to help overcome their sleep difficulties.

Roy, is a former submariner and navy diver whose poor sleep pattern was ruining his marriage, and quality of life.

The benefits seem obvious to Roy, and he wants people to know how this sensory room and training has helped him.

He spoke about the help that he’s received at the sleep clinic:

“I’ve gone from having very disturbed sleep, by practicing what she taught me, I can now get five, six, sometimes seven hours of undisturbed sleep”.


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