Can military personnel keep their rank after retirement?

Personnel above a certain rank can retain their military rank despite retiring from the Armed Forces.

After being commissioned into the Armed Forces, there are rank structures personnel can rise through within their respective service.

But, once a member of the military decides to retire, can they keep their rank?

Well, the answer is yes and no.

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In the Royal Navy, personnel who hold the rank of lieutenant commander and above can keep their military title after retirement.

Officers with this rank typically lead a department or will be Executive Officer (EO) or Commanding Officer (CO) in a smaller unit during their work.

In both the structures of the British Army and Royal Marines, personnel who reach major, or higher, can also keep their rank.

A major in the British Army generally will command a sub-unit of up to 120 officers and soldiers in their role.

The Royal Marines' rank structure is similar to that of the Army.

And for the Royal Air Force, the lowest rank needed to retain a military title after retirement is squadron leader.

Across the tri-services, the ranks required to be carried into retirement are all three-star ranks.