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Campaign Raises £5,000 To Repair WW2 Tank

Once repaired, the Churchill Mk3 will be the only operational tank of its kind.

A Second World War tank is being restored to working order after a fundraising campaign raised more than £5,000 for its repairs.

The British Churchill Mk3 broke last year after suffering a major clutch mechanism failure.

The Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset, hopes to have the historic vehicle fixed by June ahead of the annual Tankfest, making it the only operational tank of its kind.

Chris van Schaardenburg, head of collections at the museum, told Forces News that fixing the Churchill tank was a "priority" for the charity.

"It’s just such a key British vehicle and earlier this week we had to make a decision, we have so many projects on the go, especially with the COVID-related closures, we had to get the priorities right, which vehicles we need for the season," he said. 

"So Churchill was high up there because if we don’t, as the Tank Museum... if we don’t run a Churchill, who will? And because also this broke in our care, it wasn’t anyone’s fault, it just happened because basically a bracket gave way."

Once repaired, it will be the only operational tank of its kind (Picture: The Tank Museum).

Mr van Schaardenburg added a contract was given out last week to start making some new cast brackets, as well some other bits and pieces.

He described the Churchill as a "very heavy tank" that protected its crew well.

"They put bigger guns on it to make it more competitive as the war went on," he explained.

"Good climbing vehicles, very good with hills and small mountains but, yeah, a very British design.

"It still has this link to the First World War with a very high track and when you hear it... it sounds very agricultural and very ‘clunky’, it's a very noisy tank with a high track. It still has this link to early design."