Camp Taji

Camp Taji: Base Housing British Personnel In Iraq Targeted By Rockets

Camp Taji

An Iraqi military camp which houses hundreds of British military personnel has been attacked.

Camp Taji, which also hosts American and Australian troops, was targeted on Tuesday by Katyusha rockets with no casualties reported, according to Iraqi officials.

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that all 200 UK forces based there are uninjured and accounted for.

A spokesperson for Operation Inherent Resolve also said no coalition troops had been affected by what he called a "small attack" on Camp Taji.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Camp Taji is located approximately 27km (17mi) north of Baghdad.

The base is used by Iraqi and coalition forces, including the UK which has been used by the UK to train Iraqi forces in their fight against so-called Islamic State, although the mission was suspended earlier this month following the death of an Iranian general in a US air strike.

The camp also hosts members of the new Iraqi Army, the Iraqi National Guard, and the Iraqi Air Force.

In total, around 400 British Army soldiers are based across three sites in the country - Camp Taji, Union III in Baghdad, and Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan.

On Sunday, four members of Iraq's military were wounded in a Katyusha rocket attack on Balad, an air base 50 miles (80km) north of Baghdad, where American trainers are also present.

Last week, military bases in Iraq containing British personnel were attacked by Iranian ballistic missiles.

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