Worst Camo Football Shirt List

Is Camouflage Ever Good For A Football Kit?

Worst Camo Football Shirt List

Here is a look at some of the worst military-inspired football tops.


FC Porto 14/15 Camo Shirt

Probably the only top in this list that anyone would want to wear. 

But still, why did they even bother with the camouflage? Just stick with the blue stripes.



Napoli camo football top

This is actually Napoli's least offensive camo top, as shockingly, they have had more than one.

We think it is the blue trim that makes it slightly more palatable here. Still, just no.  



AGF Aarhus camo top

AGF Aarhus has clearly taken a leaf out of Napoli's camouflage-based book here. 

This one has a slightly more retro look about it, we're not sure if that makes it better or worse? Actually we are, it's worse. Definitely worse. 



Everton camo football top

Look at this effort from Everton... Does it even qualify as a football kit? I mean, look at it!

It looks like the team refashioned a DPM smock... badly. 



Arsenal training kit camo

Someone at Arsenal FC spent time researching the Swedish Army with this one. Why did they even bother? 

They just went and ruined it with the neon pink colouring. Thankfully it's only a stadium training kit, so it won't be able to burn our retinas on television.



Napoli Camo Kit awful

Napoli is the only team to get into this list twice -- a true badge of shame if there ever was one. Who let the same person design another kit? Someone needs to tell them to stop.

What were they thinking with the colours here? It looks like someone was sick over number six in this list. Just awful.  



Arsenal Tula camo kit

Topping the list is Arsenal Tula with this effort.   

"Let's make our next kit camouflaged."

"Yes, I like the idea of a green kit..."

"No, no. Red and yellow."


Why use red and yellow? Who let this happen? We need to find the one person who paid money for this kit. And we will find them because this kit doesn't camouflage anyone.

Are there any worse sporting uses of camo? Let us know in the comments below...