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Call For More Support For Most Seriously Injured Veterans

'Help for Heroes' wants more cash to fund care and rehabilitation for very seriously injured veterans...

'Help for Heroes' is calling for more government funding for the most seriously injured veterans in the UK.

The charity says there are at least 12 veterans who are so seriously injured that they will never fully recover from their battle wounds. It says their injuries are so extensive that, previously, they may not have survived.

It says some are having to rely on friends and family for their care needs as they aren't fully funded by current NHS care packages.

The charity says many are having to choose care at the expense of quality of life and are facing a constant battle to make sure their long-term care, rehabilitation and social needs are met.

'Help for Heroes' also says their medical conditions will not change, but the only thing stopping them from regaining their sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence to live a purposeful and meaningful life, is funding.

In a new report published on Friday, the charity is calling on the government to fund £600,000 to support the very seriously injured.

The funding would support the Government’s Integrated Personal Commissioning for Veterans project.

Soldier with a prosthetic leg at the Personnel Recovery Centre in Edinburgh Credit MOD
A soldier with a prosthetic leg at the Personnel Recovery Centre in Edinburgh (Picture: MOD).

'Help for Heroes'’ Head of Welfare and Clinical Services, Carol Betteridge OBE, said:  "The needs of the very seriously injured are the most complex. Many of these veterans are determined to live as full a life as possible." She added:

"'Help for Heroes' wants to work closely with the MOD, NHS and local authorities to ensure our serving personnel and veterans are cared for.

"But the project urgently needs funding."

The Chief Executive, Mel Waters, said: “'Help for Heroes' is committed to collaborating with the government and others to improve the lives of all wounded, injured and sick Veterans and their families, so that all are able to live secure and healthy lives with purpose.

"This paper is the first of a series of proposals setting out where we think the government should be doing more."

She added: " I commend the NHS for doing what it can, but funding for this scheme would make such a huge difference to the lives of veterans who have been very seriously injured.

"Our aim is to make sure no one is left behind."