British Troops In Estonia

British Troops Deploy To Kosovo For NATO Force

Nearly 30 personnel will help to maintain safety and security in the region.

British Troops In Estonia

British troops have left the UK as part of a year-long deployment working on NATO's Kosovo Force (KFOR) in southern Europe.

The team of nearly 30 personnel will help to maintain safety and security in the region, following a request from NATO for increased support for the KFOR. 

The main role of British forces will be to help carry out intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance based at the force's headquarters, in the Kosovan captial, Pristina.

KFOR began in 1999 as a peacekeeping force, to ensure security in Kosovo.

It has since evolved into a smaller force consisting of over 4,000 troops from around 30 contributing countries, including the UK, US and Germany.

Defence Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon said:

"This deployment of troops demonstrates how we remain committed to supporting security and stability in the Western Balkans region.

"NATO remains a cornerstone of our defence and by defending the security of Europe we strengthen our security at home."

The British armed forces currently has over 3,000 personnel deployed on operations around the world.