British Soldiers Take Part In NATO Exercise Near Russian Border

More than 3,000 troops from 13 nations have been taking part in an exercise near the Georgian border with Russia.

Georgia has been hosting the exercise near to the border with Russia.

A large-scale multinational exercise involving British military personnel and other NATO partners draws to a close this week.

Exercise Noble Partner has been taking place in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, involving more than 3,000 troops testing their ability to work alongside partner nations.

One hundred and forty British soldiers from 1 Rifles are among personnel from 13 different countries participating in the two-week exercise near to the Russian border.

The aim of Noble Partner is to ensure that troops work effectively together on the ground, however this year there has been a focus on joint air missions.

The exercise began last week.

Exercise Noble Partner
(Image: US Department of Defense).

However, the exercise causes tension with neighbouring Russia each year.

In the past, there have been concerns over possible Russian aggression if NATO were to incorporate Georgia into the alliance.

Moscow argues that NATO's eastward expansion is a major security threat.

While Noble Partner has been taking place, Russia has been going head to head with troops from more than 20 nations, including China, Iran and Syria, in a two-week International Army Games.

The games, which finished yesterday, are reportedly the biggest combat Olympics yet.

Russian Combat Olympics
(Image: Russian MoD).