RFA Fort Rosie

British Personnel Join US Strike Group In Gulf

RFA Fort Rosie

British personnel have joined an American task group in the Gulf, boarding a US naval ship in the region.

Crew from RFA Fort Rosalie have teamed up with their US counterparts on board the USNS Matthew Perry, after recently taking part in operations with the Royal Australian Navy.

They are now supporting the US Navy's Theodore Roosevelt carrier strike group.

Seven members of the British ship's company flew on a US MH-60 Seahawk to join the American vessel for two days.

The crew used the trip to see first hand how operations are conducted aboard a US vessel, ahead of the RFA supporting the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

RFA Fort Rosie
Image: Royal Navy

Commanding Officer of Fort Rosalie Capt Karl Woodfield said: "The RFA has a long-standing close relationship with the Military Sealift Command and I spent three very enjoyable years as the RFA exchange officer working in MSC Command in Washington DC.

"It was therefore great to see at first hand again the professional service and renew my links with the MSC."

Fort Rosalie will be supplying the ships in the group with food, mail and stores.

RFA Fort Rosie
Image and cover image: Royal Navy