paratroopers land in estonia 051119 CREDIT BRITISH ARMY.jpg

British Paratroopers Jump Into Estonia

Paratroopers from 16 Air Assault Brigade parachuted into Estonia.

paratroopers land in estonia 051119 CREDIT BRITISH ARMY.jpg

A paratrooper glides after jumping from an RAF Hercules (Picture: British Army).

More than 100 British paratroopers have jumped into Estonia alongside six of their Estonian counterparts.

Paratroopers jumped out of two RAF C130 Hercules transport aircraft over Nurmsi after leaving the UK from RAF Brize Norton.

One hundred and twenty British paratroopers from B Company, 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment - part of 16 Air Assault Brigade - made the jump. 

The jump was part of the British Army's 'TRACTABLE' programme.

It sees British troops move across Europe by road, rail, sea and air to rotate vehicles deployed to Estonia as part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence mission.

British paratroopers glide in estonia 051119 CREDIT BRITISH ARMY.jpg
A British paratrooper lands in Nurmsi (Picture: British Army).

Brigadier John Clark, Commander of 16 Air Assault Brigade, said the jump showed the Brigade's "unique ability" and readiness to deploy anywhere in the world "at very short notice".

"It has allowed us to test our deployment procedures and develop the close partnership with the Royal Air Force that is so vital to airborne forces," he added.

Brigadier Clark also presented the Estonian soldiers with British parachute wings.

British paratroopers were supported by artillery, engineers, signallers, logistics, policing and medical troops.

A command element from 16 Air Assault Brigade's Headquarters was also involved in the jump.

paratroopers in the air over estonia 051119 CREDIT BRITISH ARMY.jpg
Paratroopers jump out of an RAF C130 Hercules (Picture: British Army).

Private Callum Prinsloo, 3 PARA, said: "We were alerted in the morning, left Colchester that evening to go to Brize Norton, prepared our kit and parachutes overnight, got on a plane the next morning and jumped into Estonia five hours later.

"It’s all been very fast-paced, exciting and at times exhausting but that’s what being a paratrooper is about."

As part of TRACTABLE, the Queen’s Royal Hussars Battlegroup has moved across Europe by road, rail, sea and air to take over from the King’s Royal Hussars in Estonia.