British Forces Take Part In The World's Largest Marching Event

Nearly 800 British military personnel and cadets have been taking part in the Nijmegen marches in the Netherlands.

Nearly 800 British military personnel and cadets have been taking part in the world’s largest marching event – the Nijmegen marches.

The marches began in 1909 as a largely military event. Every July over 45,000 civilians and military teams march 30km, 40km or 50km through the towns and villages surrounding Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

This year almost 6,000 service personnel came from 28 countries to take part.

Colonel David Robinson, head of the Nijmegen Marches UK Contingent, said: “I suppose it’s like the London Marathon to some extent with the amount of people that come out onto the streets.

"They call it the walk of the world and it really is – there are so many different people. And the locals are so encouraging.”

Sergeant Sally Duma, of 1st Armoured Medical Regiment, agreed with Col Robinson about the friendly welcome from locals.

She said: “You don’t feel the pain when you in the village because the people just make you feel loved and you forget the pain. The kids will run to you with food and water. Yesterday we got ice cold lollies.”

Warrant Officer 2 Lee Greenhough, of 15 Signal Regiment, said he was quite surprised more people didn’t know about the event in the UK.

He said: “I’ve not been to many units where it’s been heavily promoted but when I get back from this I will definitely make sure other people come to this in the future.”

The marches started on Tuesday, July 17th, and finished on Friday, July 20th.