British F-35B Makes First Launch From UK Waters

The first alongside fixed wing flight of an F-35B from HMS Queen Elizabeth took place in Portsmouth.

The first launch of a British F-35B from UK waters has taken place.

The flight took from the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth, which returned to Portsmouth from the east coast of the United States earlier this month.

F-35B aircraft were also deployed off the US east coast with the aircraft carrier, conducting maiden flight trials.

While the rest of the jets flew back to RAF Marham, one had to remain on the ship for repairs.

Earlier this year the jets completed their first operational missions, flying alongside Typhoon aircraft over Iraq and Syria in support of Operation Shader - the UK's contribution to the fight against so-called Islamic State.

The aircraft began their first overseas deployment in May when six of the jets flew to RAF Akrotiri from RAF Marham.

It followed F-35B aircraft landing on the deck of the UK's new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first time last year as part of flight trials off the coast of the United States.