British Defence Listed Among Top 100 Social Mobility Employers

The RAF, Army and Ministry of Defence have been recognised for progressing talent from all backgrounds.

The company behind the list ranks employers based upon how well they encourage social mobility (Picture: PA).

The British Army, Royal Air Force and Ministry of Defence (MOD) have all been included in a top 100 list of employers.

The Social Mobility Foundation has published the ranking, which judges employers on their abilities to "improve social mobility in their workplace" and the actions they are taking to ensure talent from all backgrounds can progress.  

It ranked the MOD as the 35th best, the Army at 55th, and the RAF at 76th.

The Army and RAF were recognised for offering a large number of apprenticeship opportunities, while the Army Cadet programme was praised for efforts to reach young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Johnny Mercer, Minister for Defence People and Veterans, said the listing "reflects the key principle that the military want to recruit talented individuals who want to serve their country, regardless of where they come from."

RAF Typhoon on NATO's Air Policing Mission in Estonia 020919 CREDIT MOD
The RAF is ranked 76th in the Social Mobility Index (Picture: MOD).

The RAF was highlighted for a strong outreach to schools and an engaging online recruitment section.

The Social Mobility Employer Index was launched in 2017 and represents 1.5 million UK employees.

David Johnston OBE, Chief Executive of the Social Mobility Foundation, said: "While no employer would say they have cracked their social mobility challenge, all of the employers in the Top list... should be congratulated for the efforts they’re making to ensure their organisation is open to talent from all class backgrounds".

The British military as a whole has made efforts to present career options to young people with an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

Statistics suggest the UK Armed Forces is losing trained regular personnel across the tri-services.