The Army is banning all tobacco products from its sites (Picture: Alamy).

Stubbing It Out: British Army To Be Smoke-Free By End Of 2022

Vaping will be permitted in certain areas, but all tobacco products will be banned by 31 December of next year.

The Army is banning all tobacco products from its sites (Picture: Alamy).

The British Army is set to 'extinguish' smoking within the service completely by the end of 2022.

According to the Army, all its sites will be completely tobacco-free by 31 December 2022 – with the Army entering a new year aligned with Government initiatives to reduce the number of smokers in the UK.

Although the service admits smoking "has been part of Army culture" since the height of its popularity in the 1950s, it says troops are now becoming more health aware.

The 'Smoking and Tobacco Control Strategy for Defence 2017-2022' brings the Ministry of Defence closer to Government efforts to reduce smoking while minimising the negative impact of smoking on operational capability.

Vaping will still be allowed, but only in designated areas on site.

The timing of the Army's announcement coincides with the Stoptober campaign (Picture: British Army).

For regular personnel who want to access support in quitting, the Army is putting forward the services of the medical centres.

Reservists can access similar support through the NHS or local authority, it is suggested.

The timing coincides with the tenth 'Stoptober' campaign, the annual 28-day campaign which aims to help Britons quit smoking.

According to the incoming 24/7 rules, chewable and combustible tobacco products will be banned "within the perimeter of a defence site and/or near to site entrances" – with the exception of single living accommodation (SLA).

For those living in SLA, a smoking area close to their living area will be provided.

Family accommodation is governed by the rules of the tenancy agreement, the smoke-free policy states.

Contractors, visitors and all other non-defence personnel must also abide by the new rules.