British Army Prepares Kuwait's Future Commanders

British Army instructors have been talking to Forces News about the important role they are playing in developing the next generation of Kuwaiti military leaders.

Kuwait soldiers on parade

The Ali Al-Sabah Military College is one of the oldest colleges in the Middle East. It was founded in 1968 and is based on the Royal Military Academy Sandhurstwhere all officers in the British Army are trained. But unlike Sandhurst, the Kuwaiti facility trains students for land, air and marine forces.

Kuwaiti soldiers on parade

One of the most important events in the college calendar is the annual graduation ceremony where students parade in front of members of the Kuwaiti royal family.

British Army instructors at Kuwait Sandhurst

As the graduation parade approaches, Colour Sergeant Paul McCann from the Army School of Ceremonial is keen for the Kuwaiti troops to present themselves correctly.

"They are quite relaxed in the way they carry out their drill - being Guardsman clearly we are not very relaxed about doing drill"

British army instructors at Kuwaiti Sandhurst

Major Iain Angus MacLachlan is part of the 40-strong team permanently based at the College. The British Military Mission are completely integrated into the Kuwaiti military to help train and advise them.

"The future leaders of the Kuwaiti Army are coming through here. If they see me leading by the values and standards of the British Army and showing them leadership, then I will have an influence on potential leaders"

Kuwait soldiers with bagpipes on parade

At the heart of the mission the British contingent say it is important to understand the culture of the country so if they are called upon to help, they are in a better position to intervene. 

Kuwait soldiers marching

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