British Army Launches First Ever Aviation Brigade

1st Aviation Brigade offers a "brand-new way of fighting", according to the British Army.

The British Army has launched its first ever aviation brigade, combining capability previously split between the Aviation Reconnaissance Force and the Attack Helicopter Force.

1st Aviation Brigade has merged the reconnaissance capabilities of the Wildcat helicopter, from 1st Regiment Army Air Corps (AAC), and the firepower of the Apache helicopter, from 3rd and 4th Regiment AAC. 

Personnel and Gazelle helicopters from 5th Regiment AAC are also involved, as well as reservists from 6th Regiment AAC.

Aviation mechanical engineers from 7th Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers complete the brigade’s units.

According to a statement on the Army's website, the brigade is "capability distinct" from previous airmobile and air assault brigades.

It added the brigade has been set up in response to emerging threats and offers a "brand-new way of fighting".

The Army said the brigade, which was formed last month, will be able to set up a Combat Aviation Force to deploy on operations and carry out "multiple aviation manoeuvres".

1st Aviation Brigade's motto is: “Fly, Fight, Lead.”

Cover image: British Army.