British Army Crowns Fittest 'Warriors' After Year-Long Competition

The two winners were out of 670 male and female soldiers who took part in the British Army Warrior Fitness competition.

The British Army's fittest soldiers have been crowned after fighting off competition from hundreds of colleagues in a year-long contest.

A total of 670 male and female soldiers entered the British Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF) competition which was launched during the pandemic.

The entrants initially sent in videos of them completing exercise tasks and the top 10 of both genders were invited to take part in the finals at Sir John Moore Barracks in Winchester, Hampshire, on Wednesday.

The tests included a 300-metre swim and one-mile run followed by weightlifting, a barbell cycle and burpee workout and a version of the annual fitness test.

The winners were Staff Sergeant Alex Rees, 34, and Staff Sergeant Charlotte Spence, 34, who both work at the Army School of Physical Training at Aldershot.

Six-hundred and seventy soldiers entered the competition.

Reflecting on his win and this year's competition, Staff Sergeant Rees told Forces News he could now see the "appetite" for more fitness events for individuals.  

"The previous years we've done four years of team events and this is the first year, and really it was probably the push from COVID-19 because of the restrictions about working together, that sort of pushed us into that individual event that we wanted to do but we weren't sure we'd get the right participation.

"We didn't know we were going to get the numbers and really today just signifies the amount of people that have come to support it and...the level of competition just shows there's an appetite for it and today was just a brilliant event."

Staff Sergeant Spence was also celebrating her win and the growing inclusion of the competition's style of fitness in military training.

"This type of training is something that I've been into for the past seven years, so it's really my speciality.

"This is something that I love and now that we're starting to bring it more into military training and competing within the military as British Army Warrior fitness, it's just fantastic for me."

Cover image: Winners Staff Sergeant Alex Rees and Staff Sergeant Charlotte Spence.