British Army Chief Looking At Ways Women Could Serve In The Gurkhas

General Sir Nick Carter gave the statement while visiting the latest Gurkha recruits in Nepal...

The Chief of the General Staff said he is looking at ways women could serve in the Gurkhas.

General Sir Nick Carter said that this will happen 'sooner rather than later':

"The goal is for all of the roles in the British Army to be opened up for women, and I think that will obviously apply to Gurkhas as well.

"We've got to work out what the physiological standards need to be for the selection process and all that goes with it, and we've got to absolutely understand the risks associated with serving in what is a very tough profession.

"But I have no doubt - and I think the Nepalese government see it in the same way as they are trying to encourage women in the Nepalese army - that this is the route we should be taking."

The Army Chief gave the statement whilst visiting 270 Gurkha recruits in Nepal with Defence Minister Mark Lancaster.

It’s the first time General Sir Nick Carter has visited the British Camp at Pokhara, where he gave a speech to the new recruits:

They were selected from more than 10,000 applicants, and they will soon leave their families for nine months of training in the UK.

General Sir Nick Carter wished them good luck: 

"Always remember who you now are. A soldier with the British Army, and a Gurkha from the nation of Nepal.

"Be proud of both."

For the occasion, the recruits put on an impressive display: