British Armoured Vehicles Head To Estonia In Biggest NATO Deployment Since Cold War

Warrior armoured fighting vehicles are being deployed to the region along with 800 troops from 5 RIFLES.

Hundreds of British Army vehicles are being shipped to Estonia in the largest NATO deployment to Eastern Europe since the Cold War.

The vehicles are being loaded on a Ro-Ro ferry in Marchwood, and will travel through the Channel, the North Sea and around Denmark, before sailing through the Baltc Sea on to Estonia.

5 RIFLES have contributed fifty Warrior armoured fighting vehicle and around 800 British troops from the regiment have already deployed to the Baltic country for a six-month tour.

They’ll be part of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence, which will have 4,000 troops stationed across the region, including French and Danish soldiers.

5 RIFLES will be based in the small town of Tapa which is just 80 miles from the Russian border.

When three years ago Russia annexed Crimea and put its troops in Eastern Ukraine, NATO rapidly decided to send troops and weaponry.