Britain's Only Armoured Formation In Germany Conducts Final Service Of Remembrance

Sunday's event was the last remembrance service the infantry was apart of in Germany ahead of their move.

Britain’s only armoured formation in Germany has conducted its final Service of Remembrance in the country.

It was ahead of the plan to move the 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade Headquarters to Salisbury Plain next year.

On Sunday morning, the names of 100 of the Brigade's soldiers who were lost in conflict were read out.

Brigadier Dom Biddick, the Commander of the 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade, reflected on the lives lost during the Great War:

"There were close to 10 million military personnel killed on both sides and actually an equal number of civilians.

"How do you get peoples heads around these catastrophic statistics? You have to humanise them, so hence the naming of at least 100 names."

20th Armoured Infantry Brigade Remembrance Service

20th Armoured Infantry Brigade is also called the Iron Fist and Sunday's parade was their last in Germany.

Soldiers of the Brigade’s German Army partners 21 Panzer Brigade were also on parade.

Brig Dom Biddick said:

“As it is the last parade here in Germany it's important to stand shoulder to shoulder with our German allies and mark that occasion.

"But of course, the UK footprint will endure here now so you'll still see British and German soldiers stood together here side by side in Sennelager next year even as 20 Brigade continues its journey forward in the UK."