Britain 'Prepared For Every Eventuality' With Iran, Defence Secretary Says

Tensions have been rising in the Gulf of Oman between the US and Iran.

The Defence Secretary has said the UK is "prepared for every eventuality", as tensions continue to rise between the US and Iran.

Speaking during her first visit at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Penny Mordaunt said what had been happening in the Gulf was "deeply concerning":

"Our prime goal is to deescalate the situation - that’s what we have been trying to do.

"But obviously we want to protect shipping - that’s vitality important for many nations."

As it stands, the UK has not intervened with military personnel in the Gulf, but Ms Mordaunt says it is a situation they are watching: "We will be looking at the situation as it progresses.

"Our response will be on a case by case basis."

Damaged carrier in Gulf of Oman
Two civilian ships were damaged off the coast of Iran earlier this month (Picture: PA).

Tensions between Iran and the US are high after an oil tanker was attacked by Iranian forces.

This followed the US launching a cyber attack on Iran as a retaliation attack after one of their surveillance drone was shot down.

Iran says an American spy drone was flying over its air space - a claim the US deny, stating it was over international airspace.

On Monday, US President Donald Trump imposed "stronger" sanctions against the country.

But as the relationship between the two countries continue to deteriorate, the British military will be prepared to step in if needed.