Watch: Extra RAF fighter jets deploy to Cyprus amid Russia tensions

The four additional Typhoon fighter jets are tasked with patrolling the skies over Eastern Europe.

Four additional UK Typhoon jets have landed at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus as part of efforts to deter Russia as tensions mount.

The deployment is part of NATO's response to increasing tensions involving Russia – and the Typhoons are tasked with patrolling the skies over Eastern Europe.

The UK is also doubling its troop presence in Estonia in response to the tensions, with extra personnel and hardware being sent to the Baltic nation.

Other equipment being deployed includes Apache helicopters, to conduct exercises in Eastern Europe, warship HMS Trent, which has started patrols in the eastern Mediterranean Sea with NATO allies, and HMS Diamond, which is preparing to set sail from the UK for a similar role.

Russia has an estimated 130,000 troops massed along the border with Ukraine, prompting fears from NATO allies that Russia is preparing for a full-scale invasion.

Moscow, however, has said some of the troops stationed near the Ukraine border are returning to their bases and has repeatedly denied it is planning to invade.