'Brexit Won't Change UK Relationship With NATO', Secretary General Says

The NATO Secretary General has welcomed what he described as the “strong message” from UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson on the country’s commitment to the alliance.

Jens Stoltenberg was speaking ahead of tomorrow’s defence ministers’ meeting in Brussels.

“Brexit will change Britain’s relationship with the EU but Brexit will not change UK’s relationship with NATO," said Mr Stoltenberg.

"If anything, [Brexit] will strengthen the importance of NATO.”

Strong support from the Secretary General for a post-Brexit Britain was swiftly followed by praise for Gavin Willaimson.

"I welcome the clear message in the speech by Defence Secretary Williamson about the UK commitment to NATO,"  Mr Stoltenberg said.

Praise concerned mostly the "leading example" set by the United Kingdom when it comes to investing in the alliance.

The UK has pledged to invest more than 2% of the nation's GDP in defence.

Mike Pompeo made the announcement in Washington.

The US announcement that it would abandon the confines of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in the face of Russian violations has caused consternation at NATO and Mr Stoltenberg did not fail to mention this issue during the press conference.