Northern Ireland

Royal Irish Regiment brave the storm to finally lay Colours to rest

The wind-swept ceremony took place fours years after the Colours were officially marched off parade in Belfast in 2018.

Stormy weather didn't stop the Second Battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment from finally being able to lay their old Colours to rest at Enniskillen Castle.

It was nearly four years ago that the Colours were officially marched off, in front of thousands during a ceremony in Belfast.

But after years of delays, they are now safely accommodated at the very spot the regiment's antecedent regiment - the Inniskillings - was first raised in 1689.

Regimental Sergeant Major Christopher Rushton, the soldier responsible for the drill and ceremonial aspect of the parade, said: "We are delighted to finally get the opportunity to lay up our Queen's and regimental Colours.

"Made all the more unique as it took place here at the birthplace of the regiment."

The COVID pandemic hindered previous plans over the last two years, but the soldiers were finally able to say their farewell in keeping with the highest traditions of the Royal Irish Regiment.

Old colours of the 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Regiment laid to rest at Enniskillen Castle 20022022 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
After four years of delays the old colours of the Second Battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment were laid up to rest at Enniskillen Castle.

Colours are flags that represent different regiments of the British Army and embody the honour, spirit and heritage of the regiments that proudly carry them, according to the National Army Museum.

The new home of Second Battalion the Royal Irish Regiment's Colours will be in the regimental museum at Enniskillen Castle, where they will be on public display.

An Inniskillings Museum trustee board member said: "These Colours are the embodiment of the regiment they represent, of service and of duty. They are important to all: those serving, veterans, families and supporters. We are privileged to be their custodian.

"The Laying up of Colours is a significant occasion, an opportunity for us to gather in honour and respect, here at the home of the antecedent regiments, continuing an unbroken line from 1689 – 332 years and counting!"