RAF Voyager

Boris Johnson's RAF Voyager Begins Makeover

RAF Voyager

An RAF Voyager used by the Prime Minister for official travel is undergoing a makeover.

It is believed the aircraft is being given a Union Flag-coloured theme - a far cry from its original grey coat of paint.

A Royal Air Force spokesperson confirmed to Forces News that an RAF Voyager is currently in Cambridgeshire for "pre-planned works".

In 2018, then as foreign secretary, Boris Johnson said he would like to have a "Brexit jet".

He made the comments after questioning the availability of the RAF Voyager, which is also used by members of the Royal Family.

Mr Johnson was also quoted as asking: "Why does it have to be grey?".

"If there's a way of doing it that is not exorbitantly expensive then yes I think we probably do need something," he said.

"The taxpayers won't want us to have some luxurious new plane, but I certainly think it's striking that we don't seem to have access to such a thing at the moment."

Former prime minister Tony Blair previously planned for a prime ministerial aircraft which was nicknamed 'Blair Force One', in a nod to Air Force One - the US presidential jet. 

However, those plans were scrapped by Mr Blair's successor, Gordon Brown as a cost-saving measure.

The Voyager began transporting VIPs, including other Government ministers, in 2016 following a £10 million refit.

It was announced at the time that the 58-seater transport aircraft would continue to conduct air-to-air refuelling missions for the RAF when not in use and that it had retained its military livery.

Cover image: Library photo of an RAF Voyager.

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