Prime Minister Thanks Personnel Deployed Over Christmas In Video Call

Among those to take part in the call were personnel deployed on counter-Daesh and maritime safety operations in the Middle East.

The Prime Minister has thanked military personnel deployed in the UK and abroad over Christmas during a video call, telling them: "You’re bringing hope and encouragement to the entire country."

A number of service personnel deployed across the world, including in Mali, Estonia, Somalia and Afghanistan, joined Boris Johnson on the call, as well as troops assisting with COVID-19 duties in the UK.

He said: "I want to salute all of you, our fantastic armed services, all our men and women in uniform, for everything that you do.

"You represent, in my view, the very best of our country. The Australian prime minister once told me that the United Kingdom armed services represent the number one export of the UK, the thing that people really want to see around the world, and it is absolutely true.

"I believe that you do good, you keep the peace, you promote our values around the world, and you fly the flag for our country in a way that few other people and few other institutions can manage.

"Of course, it wasn’t just abroad that this has been an amazing year for the armed services," he added.

"So many of you have been responsible for doing extraordinary things here at home, and thousands of you men and women are helping to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson puts thumbs up to personnel deployed over Christmas in video call 221220 CREDIT NUMBER 10
Boris Johnson gives a 'thumbs up' to the personnel on the call (Picture: Number 10).

"From building the Nightingales at extraordinary speed, delivering PPE to people across country… armed services people who have been testing people around the country – as you still are – testing people with these wonderful lateral flow rapid test kits, and now, of course, it's the armed services who are leading the way, helping us all as a country to get ourselves vaccinated.

"So, well done you guys. Thank you all very much for what you’re doing. You’re bringing hope and encouragement to the entire country.

"I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year and carry on. Have a wonderful time. Thank you all very much. Boris Johnson, over and out."

Personnel on the call were supporting a range of missions including Operation Shader and Operation Cabrit.