Biggest Airlift In RAF History On C-17 Evacuation Flight From Kabul

99 Squadron said the normal limit for persons on board (POB) is a total of 138.

The RAF tripled the normal capacity of a C-17 Globemaster on a daily basis during its evacuation flights from Kabul that ended on Sunday.

In a tweet, the Ministry of Defence announced 436 people were on a flight from the Afghan capital last week, the single biggest capacity flight in RAF history.

Although the US Air Force managed to get 640 people aboard the same model of aircraft during the evacuation.

The crew was not intending to carry such a large number of people, but the evacuees pulled themselves on board through the open ramp.

According to manufacturer Boeing, a C-17 Globemaster III is designed to carry a payload of 164,900lbs (74,797 kg), with 102 seats for passengers.

99 Squadron said its normal limit for persons on board (POB) is a total of 138, which is limited by life raft capacity (46 x 3 or surge of 69 x 2 = 138 if one is damaged on ditching). 

Cover image: C-17 Globemaster leaving Kabul last week carrying 436 people (Picture: MOD).