Losing a parent is devastating, and sometimes even harder for forces children as they often find themselves moved around and uprooted from some of those who can support them.

When Denny Wise’s friend lost his son in Basra, leaving behind a child and a pregnant wife, Denny wondered what happened to the bereaved children of forces families; he said:

‘Having been in a kids home myself, I can relate to not having a parent there- and its hard for them, very hard. And I know that’.

Forces Children

As a result, in 2004, he set up the Forces Children’s Trus t- a charity to help service children who’ve lost a parent.

The trust provides the children with the opportunity to go away as a group- last year they went to Nepal to help rebuild schools in the wake of the earthquake that devastated the country.

Many of the children who go away with the trust have lost parents in tragic circumstances- but Jamie Molyneux says that he’s made lifelong friends on the trips:

‘Lots of people talk as if [our loved ones] are still with us... It’s a very open environment for us to talk.’

Forces Trust