'Being Shot In The Neck Changed My Life'

Toby Gutteridge was shot twice while serving in Afghanistan with the Special Boat Service...

Toby Gutteridge was a young man with a passion for extreme sports when he joined the forces.

Young and ambitious, his chance meeting with the Royal Marines 'blew him away':

"I was completely drawn in... That was my first experience with British military and with the Marines.

"I looked into it a bit more and I thought 'I am going to give this a shot'."

Originally from South Africa, he then joined with 40 Commando, serving a tour of Afghanistan, where he returned years after as part of the Special Boat Service.

During that tour, he was first shot in the shoulder but refused to take any time off.

Only two weeks later, another bullet in the neck severed his spinal cord. 

"Being shot in the neck was the turnaround point in my life, in terms of actually realising what bravery is all about," he said.

"Being shot taught me a lot. It changed my life."

"Because I was given a fortunate upbringing and then given another chance at life, I think it would be hypocritical for me not to give back and give kids a first chance at life, when I was fortunate enough to be given two."

His way of giving back is 'Bravery', a clothing brand which will donate to two charities that help young people to overcome adversity, the Buffalo Foundation and

Inspired by a love of adventure, the clothes are designed for a range of extreme sports and are being sold in sports and equipment shops.

Toby is now appealing for more people to share their own stories of bravery via his website, hoping to inspire and support the next generation to overcome challenges of their own.