Beach Break For Household Cavalry Horses On Summer Camp

Horses and personnel have stepped away from ceremonial duties for the first time since the COVID pandemic hit.

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment has swapped London duties for a break on the beaches of North Norfolk.

It marks the first time the Army unit has been able to stand down from ceremonial mounted guard duties since the pandemic restrictions hit in March 2020.

The soldiers and horses are spending three weeks enjoying the sands and surf of Holkham beach.

The highlight for many was the beach ride, a world away from the troops' daily duties as they rode bareback in jodhpurs and t-shirts through the waves.

Open spaces also allowed the unit to hone equestrian and military skills.

Horses and riders enjoying the beach in Norfolk (Picture: British Army).

"Bringing them to the beach exposes the horses and riders to new things, helps with their confidence, and makes them and us more able to cope when we get back to London," said Squadron Leader Major Tom Mountain.

The past two years have seen the regiment provide The Queen's Life Guard every day, even throughout lockdown.

Personnel also played a role in the COVID Support Force, helping at COVID test centres.

Cover image: British Army.