Band Practice: Royal Regiment Of Scotland Prepares For Queen's Birthday

The Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland is busy preparing for ceremonial duties in London later this month.

They will be supporting 5 SCOTS in their guard duties at Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace and Windsor Castle.

Lance Corporal Martin Gladstone is a cornet player.

"It's our second year doing this so we're just putting our final prep in, putting that polish on it, so that when we get down there, everything's looking great.

"We're proud to stand in front of Buckingham Palace and play for the Queen essentially."

The band members are confident they won't feel the pressure of the crowds.

The band will be playing when Her Majesty the Queen marks her birthday over the Easter weekend.

With thousands of spectators attracted by such events, there is pressure on these musicians to get everything right.

Tuba player, Corporal Kevin Turnbull said:

"We go all over the world. Been in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and we'll do tattoos all over the world - everybody's eyes are on you.

"So really it's just the same principle as doing them, except it's in London, and obviously it's in front of the castle.

"Maybe the Queen's watching - you never know."

Royal Regiment of Scotland Band practice.

Warrant Officer 2nd John McQuat, is the band's Sergeant Major.

"For some people this might be the only time in their military career they get to do this.

"For some they might do it a bit more, but you've got to take the opportunity and make the most of it because it's things people would pay money to go and do this, and we're actually getting paid to go and do it."

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