Bagpipe Whisperer

A charity which uses horses to aid the recovery of wounded or sick servicemen has reached viral fame after they posted a video of mentor Jocky Johnstone seemingly charming a herd of horses with a haunting rendition of Scotland the Brave on the bagpipes.

HorseBack UK CEO and co-founder Jock Hutchinson, who previously served with 45 Commando, The Royal Marines told The Courier:

“We never know what’s going to catch on.

“For the last 10 years we’ve tried all sorts of things and it’s always the one you don’t expect to catch that seems to work.”

In the video, the horses appear captivated by the bagpipes, as they are successfully herded using the unusual technique.

Jock, who spent a decade in the Royal Marines Commandos, said:

“We have included many pictures and clips on these platforms but the pipes and the horses seem to have caught the imagination of the public and our hope is we can increase the following we have due to the video.”

Horseback UK aims to overcome the isolation felt by so many service leavers using equine interaction.

Jock added:

“The reason for the horses is because horsemanship is pure leadership and in learning how to take ownership and become a team with a horse you are beginning to reconnect with the positivity that is often stolen from people when they’ve been hurt badly.”

The charity is currently working on the We Remember Them incentive, as well as, marking the end of WW1 and RAF 100.

They’re marking the occasions with a number of events in which members of the public can get involved to raise money for the charity.