Royal Lancers on parade at Cambrai Barracks 24042021 CREDITS BRITISH ARMY

Army's Royal Lancers Given NATO Medals In Catterick

About 30 personnel from the Royal Lancers returned to the UK this month, after six months in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo.

Royal Lancers on parade at Cambrai Barracks 24042021 CREDITS BRITISH ARMY

Reconnaissance troops from the British Army have been awarded NATO medals following a mission in the Western Balkans.

Earlier this month, around 30 Royal Lancers returned home to Catterick Garrison after six months in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, supported by elements of the Intelligence Corps.

Major Andrew Horsfall, Officer Commanding of D Squadron, commended the soldiers, saying: "Throughout the tour, we had the challenge of COVID-19 and the restrictions that it posed.

"None of our people had any leave, which is pretty tough."

The mission in Kosovo sees British troops providing support to NATO, while the Bosnia-Herzegovina task involved supporting the EU, until the UK's exit from the union earlier this year.

The UK has been a key player in ensuring security and stability in the region since the 1990s and continues this role as part of a multinational coalition.

Maj Horsfall added: "Working with international partners is clearly critical on a NATO mission.

Royal Lancers reunited with families after parade 24042021 CREDITS BRITISH ARMY
Royal Lancers are reunited with their families (Photo: British Army).

"There were lots of different nationalities, so we integrated with them throughout. That wasn't a problem."

NATO troops operate throughout the Kosovan state, with British personnel providing expertise in the fields of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Corporal Lewis Westerman, a team leader, said: "Reconnaissance is always going to be needed. We provide accurate and timely information.

"In Kosovo, we kept our finger on the pulse to identify any threats to the safe and secure environment."

The North Yorkshire-based soldiers were reunited with their families following the parade.

The Royal Lancers, established in 2015, form part of the 'eyes and ears' of the modern British Army.

They are likely to be an important part of 'Future Soldier', the transformation of the service in the coming years to adapt to new threats, according to the Army.

Cover image: Royal Lancers on parade at Cambrai Barracks, Catterick (Picture: British Army).