Testing Teamwork: 800 Personnel Take On Triple Crown Challenge

The event pits personnel from the Adjutant General's Corps against each other out in the field.

More than 170 teams are taking on other competitors and the conditions in Winchester for the 22nd Triple Crown Challenge.

Setting off from Worthy Down Barracks, they can choose either a march and shoot, or a military skills challenge.

Those on the skills course have to look after a battlefield casualty in their first challenge, before travelling four miles.

"If it's not raining, it's not training": all smiles despite the damp conditions.

Those on the march and shoot have to cover 10 miles with 18 kilos on their backs, then undergo a test of their marksmanship on the 100-metre range, before a race back to camp.

Organiser Major Ian McLeish said it is a chance for those involved to "reunite, forge new relationships and also to take part in a really cracking training event".

However, for most of the 800 people taking part, it is more about teamwork than timings. As one of the participants put it:

"Sticking together as a team helps a lot."