New Army Advert 2017 - Practising your faith

There's been a flurry of activity on social media after the Army launched an advertising campaign which it says demonstrates it will "emotionally and physically support" new recruits.

The £1.6 million campaign features a series of radio, television and animated adverts, all voiced by serving soldiers, with questions being asked such as "What if I get emotional?" and "Can I be gay in the army?".

One of the adverts shows a Muslim soldier explaining how the Army has helped him to continue to practice his faith.

And there's been a lively debate on the issue across the web, with a post on Forces News' Facebook page receiving over 700 reactions and around 500 comments.

We've collected some of the posts from commenters seeking to express their views on the topic, after seeing the reports in various publications...


But it's fair to say some people weren't best pleased:



One commenter seemed to be worried about a drop in standards:



Whereas another made up their mind a little quickly...



Some saw it as evidence of the Army going 'soft':



Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage wasn't happy either...



The feel of the advert came under fire from some:



But one academic said he thought the adverts were doing their best to reach out to people:



But another commenter questioned the impact on operational capability:



And another preferred the ads of years gone by...



One social media user suggested that the best 'recruitment advert' would be giving troops good working and living conditions:



And finally, there was a different perspective...



We want to know what you think though. Did you like the new ads? Let us know in the comments...

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