Ex Khanjar Oman: Hundreds of UK troops take on intense drills in heat of the desert

The training with Omani counterparts included practice patrols, pilot escape and evasion tactics, explosive ordnance disposal and search.

More than 800 British and Omani troops have been training in the intense heat of the gulf state's desert.

Exercise Khanjar Oman uses the unforgiving environment to test troops' core skills. 

The drills include practice patrols, pilot escape and evasion tactics and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and search techniques, the British Army said.

More than 650 troops from across the 4th Infantry Brigade and HQ North East (known as the ‘Black Rats’ are deployed on the exercise.

Brigadier Marcus Mudd, Commander 4th Infantry Brigade said: "The partnership and cooperation on Exercise Khanjar Oman, has all been about learning from each other.

"For the Omani recce regiment, providing advice and expertise to our soldiers, on how to survive and fight in the desert.

"For the British soldiers, to be able to provide advice and support on specialist capabilities, and particularly for this exercise, about integration of other specialist systems and capabilities like the attack helicopters, the reconnaissance helicopters and the EOD".

Oman is going to become a strategically important training hub for the British military.

It is set to be designated one of the Army's Land Regional Hubs - which will support the training of expeditionary forces.