Ex Congreve Spear: 26 Regiment Royal Artillery Test Their Latest Weapons

26 Regiment Royal Artillery returned to the UK in the summer after 30 years in Germany.

26 Regiment Royal Artillery has been getting to grips with a different set of weapons after taking on a new role as the British Army's Divisional Fires Regiment.

The regiment's change from a Field Army Regiment means they have also had to get used some very different firepower.  

As part of Exercise Congreve Spear on Salisbury Plain, personnel have been putting the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) through its paces.

The Regiment has said goodbye to its AS90 artillery gun and is now getting to grips with the MLRS and the Exactor-2 guided missile.

The MLRS, which is manned by a crew of three, is mounted on a tracked armoured launcher.

It is highly automated and can load and aim itself with pinpoint precision.

It can fire up to 12 rockets in less than 60 seconds, across distances greater than 70 kilometres (43 miles).

Each warhead contains 200lbs of explosives.

26 Regiment moved to Wiltshire this summer after three decades in Germany.

Lieutenant Colonel Kieran Sheldon, Commanding Officer, 26 Regiment Royal Artillery, said: "The AS90 as a gun, the crews had come to love, and still would I'm sure.

"However, all of those that have converted from AS90 on to either Exactor or MLRS, have really enjoyed the conversion.

"It's a great platform to drive and operate, and it's really good fun.

"I think they understand the importance of their role and the role of that new capability."

26 Regiment moved to Wiltshire this summer after three decades in Germany, as part of the Army's 2020 plan.

The troops will soon depart Salisbury Plain for overseas deployment.