412 Amphibious Engineer Troop are the only British Army Reserve unit in Germany and are celebrating its 20th anniversary. 

The troop drive, pilot and command the Army's M3 amphibious vehicles, which are used to ferry troops and equipment across rivers or create temporary bridges. 

Like all reservists, they do a range of different day jobs from surveying to IT but many previously served in Germany with the British Army. 

The unit's birthday provided an opportunity for its former members to experience the comradery of their army days once again. Spr Paul Edwards, former Crewman/pilot of the troop said;

"It's a chance to get back into uniform after such a long break. I live alone in a town as a Brit, so it's great to come back and have a laugh and a joke."

The troop was founded by Capt. Phil Hogan (Retd.), who initially recruited the unit by sending letters to everyone who had left the army but stayed in Germany;

"I formulated the troop with a letter to random people that I didn't know and invited them to come in. I recruited up to 75 individuals at one stage."

The reunion was the perfect chance for members past and present to try out some impressive military kit, like the M3 Rig. 

412 Amphibious Engineer Troop continue to work alongside regular British and German troops, demonstrating their commitment to NATO.