The drawdown of 12,000 UK troops and their families from Germany is gaining momentum.  It is all part of the future Army Basing 2020 plans and will mark the end of an era for British forces who have been based in Germany for nearly 70 years.

Forces TV has been given special access to bases in Germany to see how drawdown is progressing and to find out what the troops and their families feel about leaving Germany. We will also be profiling bases across Britain to see how they are preparing for the huge influx of troops coming home.



Next year we will see some of the biggest troop movements from Germany. Around 5,000 personnel are being relocated to bases across Britain - with 2,500 families being moved during the summer holidays alone. The Children's Education Advisory Service will provide expert information and support to Service families.



The HIVE is an information network available to all members of the Service community. It serves both married and single personnel, together with their families, dependants and civilians employed by the Services.

The Army Families Federation has been holding roadshows across Germany to answer questions about 'The Big Move'


To take part in our Re-basing survey, please click on the following link:
'If you are relocating to the UK from Germany in 2015 are you satisfied that you have enough information to prepare for your move?'