British Troops Deliver Cold Weather Training To Serbian Officers

The 10-day course focused on winter warfare experiences and safety training including avalanche awareness.

British soldiers have delivered cold weather training to officers from the Serbian Military Academy.

The 10-day course focused on winter warfare experiences and safety training including avalanche awareness.

UK personnel from the Land Warfare Centre trained their counterparts in the Serbian mountains near Kaponawick.

The Army said it is the first time UK personnel have conducted training of this sort in Serbia.

Team Leader Colour Sergeant James Keenan RM said: "The Serbs responded very well to our methods and were very interested to learn new tactics.

"They learnt how to ski off-piste and through forests, how to ascend steep terrain with ski skins carrying weapons and equipment, in addition to the learning about how the cold affects tactical considerations and how we counter this."

Major General Bojan Zrnic, Commandant of the Military Academy, said: "Our goal is to improve the curriculum related to winter warfare training, so students can receive top training and prepare for these conditions.

(Picture: Serbian Ministry of Defence).

"During this training, we will have the opportunity to see equipment we have not encountered so far, which will help us to improve the quality of winter warfare training.

"It is important that both parties learn from each other," he added.

An increasing number of British troops will be deployed on international exercises to provide training, advice and assistance, under the Future Soldier transformation plan, the Army said.

Cover image: Serbian Ministry of Defence.